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Employees are any company’s most important resource and biggest competitive parameter. If you have the best people, you can assemble the best team and be a step ahead of your competitors. A team of highly skilled, ambitious and satisfied employees will get you far. But how, then, do you go about getting the best people on your team? We at Intelligent Advice are specialists in finding and recruiting highly skilled, relevant employees. We have an extensive network across multiple industries, in-depth organisational understanding and extensive experience in attracting and retaining employees who are a great fit with the needs, culture and values of a given company.

By carrying out thorough company and job analyses, combined with tried-and-tested methods for preparing job advertisement material, we select relevant candidates to interview and analyse prior to the interview selection round with the company.



Company analysis

In order to create the best match between the company and candidate, we always carry out a thorough analysis on the conditions, values, culture and strategic goals of the organisation.

Job description and advertisement

Based on a job analysis in which the professional and personal criteria are specified – and development opportunities and success criteria are drafted – we will prepare a job advertisement and ad material.

Selection of candidates

Following the application deadline, we review and select relevant candidates, who are called in to interviews and personality tests.

Hiring of candidates

Before the candidates and company are introduced to one another, both parties receive relevant material. Among other things, the company receives a detailed description of the candidates. After the interviews, the most qualified candidate is selected and hired.


“Ronni Poulsen, Project Director at SSI Schäfer”

We have made use of Intelligent Advice for several years for various recruitment tasks to find project managers, administrative staff and technicians. For us, what matters most in our collaboration is the extent to which personal relationships matters in Intelligent Advice’s approach. You don’t just get some names from a database; you get qualified candidates who have been assessed as being relevant in relation to our specific organisation. There are lots of recruitment agencies out there, but with Intelligent Advice, you get a partner who has really taken the time to familiarise themselves with your organisation; who knows and understands its culture and tone and who would be a good fit here. We have great confidence in being represented by Intelligent Advice in a recruitment process, and we have enormous respect for the way in which they work; their manner, their way of communicating with people, their ability to read a person – both in terms of their professional qualifications and especially their personal qualities – and not least, their ability to fill positions.

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