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Most often, the best employees are already working for someone else – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them to switch to your team. The ability to attract the best employees is crucial to the success of any organisation and requires a unique approach that we at Intelligent Advice have practised for years. In fact, it’s our core business.

Our agency revolves around the art of finding a match between the candidate’s personality and professional qualifications on the one hand and the company’s needs, culture and values on the other; a mutually beneficial match that is long-term, value-creating and an opportunity for both parties to grow. That is why an essential success parameter is having in-depth knowledge of the companies with which we work. Our extensive experience allows us to know which aspects we should be mindful of in a future working relationship between a candidate and company, and we always make sure to match expectations between the two parties.

Good relationships are built on trust, credibility, mutual respect and openness, but naturally also with a focus on discretion where necessary. We can ensure that your recruitment process is professionally managed, allowing you to concentrate on your work while we search for the very best candidate for your organisation.

The struggle to attract and retain the very best employees is challenging and never-ending, but we are ready to help you come out on top.



Company analysis

In order to gain an in-depth familiarity with the company’s culture, values and strategic goals so that we have an complete understanding of which candidate will be a good fit for the team, we always perform a thorough analysis of the companies with which we work.

Job analysis

By preparing a thorough job description, including the desired professional competences, personal values, success criteria and development opportunities, we get a useful tool for the hiring process – both for internal use and for the candidate.

Research & selection

Identifying and initiating a dialogue with relevant candidates is no small task. Naturally, discretion and respect are key in this process. The first relationship-initiating contact with relevant candidates entails interviews and personality tests/analyses.

Hiring of candidates

Prior to the interviews, the company receives detailed descriptions of the candidates so that preparations can be handled simply and efficiently. We offer free one-on-one sessions during the first 100 days of the employment relationship, and we follow up on both the candidate and company within the first year.


“Klaus Graven Nielsen, CCO at Nordlux”

It can be tricky finding the perfect candidates for a job, especially if you value personal qualities higher than qualifications, as we do. At Nordlux, we have used Intelligent Advice on several occasions to headhunt the right people, and they succeeded in finding candidates that not only have the right qualifications and experience, but also a dynamic personality. It’s been a boon for us to have Intelligent Advice take over every stage of the process, allowing us to focus on our work. Our collaboration has been characterised by openness, honesty, good communication, stability and professionalism. Even though we may have been able to handle the recruitment process ourselves, our collaboration with Intelligent Advice has resulted in high quality, quick results and, not least, a professional, objective assessment of relevant candidates. We believe that this has been well worth the investment, also from a long-term perspective.

“Claus Johansen, Head of HR at Jutlander Bank”

You’d almost think that Christian Melgaard (from Intelligent Advice) was one of our employees here at the bank; he knows our business in-and-out, completely understands the type of candidates we’re looking for – in terms of both personal qualities and professional qualifications – and is genuinely interested in finding the right candidates. It’s clear that he’s concerned with finding the right person rather than just wrapping up an assignment. He has a great overview, is always well-prepared and works hard to develop relationships. He offers a different take on things and asks questions that allow us to develop ourselves, and he’s able to read candidates in a way we can’t.

The candidates we want are typically not job seekers, but in the years we’ve worked together with Intelligent Advice they have nevertheless managed to deliver as promised. We have every confidence that the candidates presented to us are worth considering, which is extremely helpful given how busy we are.

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