A goal without a plan is just a dream

Even the most talented teams have people to consult with. It can be extremely helpful to get a fresh pair of eyes to examine a challenge you are facing, whether it is related to growth, redundancies, acquisitions/sales or other organisational changes. With Intelligent Advice, you get a flexible partner who has an in-depth understanding of business and the ability to quickly familiarise themselves with new issues and the most appropriate way to deal with them. We have the courage to ask the difficult questions, speak our mind and challenge you, creating real value through our dialogue. Together, we can push boundaries, make a plan, find new solutions and reach our goal.

Acquisition or sale of a company

If you are acquiring or selling a company, we can help provide insightful feedback and advice that can help you safely navigate around the pitfalls. We have considerable experience in identifying and retaining key employees, and following a thorough analysis of your organisation we can make sure to put together the right teams to match the future organisational structure.

Redundancies or closure

If you are faced with having to reduce the number of employees in your organisation, it is important to go about it with considerable respect and understanding for the situation the affected employees find themselves in despite their wishes. Our experience in outplacement at the management, salaried employee and hourly employee level means that we are able to handle this process in a way that it becomes as optimal and painless as possible for all parties.


“Henrik Ellegaard, CFO at AB Catering”

Intelligent Advice has helped us with an outplacement process where we wanted to help our redundant employees move into new jobs following an organisational restructuring. Thanks to their extensive experience and wide-ranging competences, Intelligent Advice’s process was effective, professional and empathic, assisting salaried and hourly employees with everything from updating their CVs and applying for specific jobs to pre-interview coaching – while we in the management were free to focus on implementing the structural changes. We have experienced a tremendous level of commitment from Intelligent Advice, and they have taken good care of each affected individual. In general, the whole process has been characterised by a positive spirit and looking forward. When working together with Intelligent Advice, you get unique consulting and professional administration that focuses on the bottom line as well as the people behind the figures.

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