Relationships for the future

At Intelligent Advice, our goal is to create value for our clients and the candidates for whom we can make a difference. We believe that good relationships are essential to creating the most fruitful results. That is why we take pride in matching candidates and companies that can create better results when working together than apart. We strive to create the best possible future for the candidates and companies we work with.

Challenges exist to be solved

At Intelligent Advice, we tackle challenges head-on. In general, there is no such thing as an assignment that is too big or small for us, and we go far to meet our clients’ needs. Our experience, our professional as well as human competences and – not least – our unshakeable faith in a successful outcome leads to great results. However, as we attach a lot of importance to honesty and openness, we are also not too proud to acknowledge an unrealistic goal when we see one.

Respect and discretion

Integrity is a core value at Intelligent Advice. Our clients – who are our close partners – are guaranteed ethical business practices when we represent their company. Similarly, all candidates we enter into a dialogue with are guaranteed full discretion. We follow the Danish Data Protection Agency’s guidelines for the storage of confidential data, and in general, we value confidentiality and close relationships based on trust very highly.



A high degree of credibility

Trustful relationships are built on transparency, openness and honesty.

In-depth understanding of business

We understand the importance of your bottom line, as well as what it takes to create the best results.

A sounding board that’s always close at hand

We believe in close relationships and take pride in getting to know you well so that we can help you in the best possible way.

A courageous and frank sounding board

In our efforts to create the best results for you, we have the courage to say yes or no, even when it’s not the answer you want to hear.


“There are lots of recruitment agencies out there, but with Intelligent Advice, you get a partner who has really taken the time to familiarise themselves with your organisation; who knows and understands its culture and tone and who would be a good fit here.”

– Ronni Poulsen, Project Director
SSI Schäfer


“It’s clear that for Intelligent Advice, it’s about finding the right person rather than just wrapping up an assignment.”

– Claus Johansen, Head of HR
Jutlander Bank


Christian P. Meldgaard

The values behind Intelligent Advice’s way of working are rooted in Christian P. Meldgaard. As the founder of Intelligent Advice, it is his set of values and approach to the tasks that lead the way.

With his years of experience in the recruitment industry, Christian has extensive knowledge about which methods and tools work, how to best draw upon his massive network, which known and unknown needs a company has and, not least, how to read a candidate’s professional and personal qualities.

Christian finds it important to get well-acquainted with anyone he has any form of business relationship with. He believes in close, rewarding relationships where both parties help each other out. This form of close cooperation proved to be valuable on multiple occasions some years ago when Christian and a friend went on a 250 km journey over the course of 19 days – reaching a height of five and a half kilometres – through a mountain range in Nepal with the goal to reach Mount Everest Base Camp. It was during that journey that they realised that having a shared and clearly defined goal, straightforward agreements and good teamwork makes a difference. At the same time, the importance of humility, as well as what you can achieve with enough persistence and willpower, became clear.

Christian enjoys supporting charitable causes, especially when he can combine it with testing his own limits and challenging himself. That’s why he was also on board when Team Rynkeby Nordjylland 2016 biked 1,400 km from Aalborg to Paris in just seven days. It was yet another experience that demonstrated the importance of coming together as a team.

If you would like to learn more about Christian and his background, check out his LinkedIn profile, or give him a call.

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