Putting together the strongest possible team ensures the best results. If you are missing one or several players to assemble the best possible team, we can use our extensive experience, large network and special ability to read people to help you reach your goal.

Headhunting – discreet process

Most often, the best employees are already working for someone else – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them to switch to your team. The struggle to attract and retain the very best employees is challenging and never-ending, but we are ready to help you come out on top.


Headhunting – incl. job posting

By carrying out thorough company and job analyses, combined with tried-and-tested methods for preparing job advertisement material, we select relevant candidates to interview and analyse prior to the interview selection round with the company.


“It’s been a boon for us to have Intelligent Advice take over every stage of the process, allowing us to focus on our work. Our collaboration has been characterised by openness, honesty, good communication, stability and professionalism.”

"Klaus Graven Nielsen, CCO at Nordlux"

“We have great confidence in being represented by Intelligent Advice in a recruitment process, and we have enormous respect for the way in which they work; their manner, their way of communicating with people, their ability to read a person – both in terms of their professional qualifications and especially their personal qualities – and not least, their ability to fill positions.”

"Ronni Poulsen, Project Director at SSI Schäfer, on recruitment cooperation"

“When working with Intelligent Advice, you get unique consulting and professional handling of the assignment that focuses on the bottom line as well as the people behind the figures.”

"Henrik Ellegaard, CFO in AB Catering, about an outplacement process"

“What’s crucial to us is that Intelligent Advice is a relatively small player, because this gives us a certainty that we’re a good and important customer, as opposed to the big agencies where we would just be a small customer that wouldn’t get as much attention.”

"Claus Johansen, Head of HR at Jutlander Bank"


We handle many different types of positions – executive and board positions, specialists, high-level administrative workers, etc.
– and our clients include companies from a wide variety of industries.

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